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An ultra fast file delivery service & software. SaaS, or server & client application for cross border delivery, backups, clouds and in-house data sharing.


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Enables efficient and fast data transfer.


Secure data transfer is provided.


Resume functions, directory transfer, large files are provided.


Easy to use.

SSBT User Before Silver Bullet(FTP) With Silver Bulet Result
Speed Time Speed Time
Animation Developer(server:Japan, client:Vietnam) 1Mbps 0:06:40 20Mbps 0:00:20 x 20
Software Service provider(server:China. client:Japan) 0.72Mbps 0:00:25 2.5Mbps 0:00:07 x 3.5
Contents Provider(server:US, client:Japan) 0.57Mbps 3:58:10 24Mbps 0:05:33 x 45
Contents Provider(server:Germany, client:Japan) 0.29Mbps 0:46:20 20Mbps 0:00:40 x 70
System Integration Provider(server:US, client:Japan) 4Mbps 40Mbps x 10

Contact Delivery is now open to everyone SilverBullet for Download will begin its service in coming June, 2017. If you want to receive updates, or notices when service begin, please send us your information from below. Thank you.

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