Extremely fast

File Delivery and Transfer
Skeed.io Delivery
SilverBullet for Download
for Everyone
Extremely fast, simple
and easy file delivery
is now in your hand.

upto 7G bytes


- the speed may be limited
when network is congested.
for Advanced User
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More bandwidth ?!
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upto 15G bytes


- Monthly Subscription
for SME companies
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upto 50G bytes


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upto 200G bytes


- Monthly Subscription
Skeed.io Delivery SaaS
Skeed.io delivery is a file delivery WWW service. You can send your files easily to other using WWW.
Receiving user will be notified by email and can download the file sent.
It is an easy "3" step file delivery WWW service.

Key features are.
- Extremely fast file transfer. (Up to 70 times faster).
- Very secure file transfer provided with AES.
- Intuitive and Easy to use.
- FREE. No hidden costs.
- NO LIMITS to file size. (up to your monthly usage;upload limit)
System Requirements
- WWW Browser (Cookie and Java Scripts need to be enabled.)
- JAVA (for fast uploads and downloads feature)