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File Delivery and Transfer
Skeed.io Term of Service
1. Skeed.io services are provided by Skeed Europe S.A. and Zexis S.ar.l, both based at Luxembourg.
2. All of the payment are process by Paypal and Zexis.
3. Term of condition may be changed reguraly until full service is released in coming October, 2017.
4. All of the data is stored in secure server located in TIER IV data center facility.

[ Skeed.io Delivery ]
1. Skeed.io Delivery is a www based application service which enables registered user to send files to other with email notification.
2. Current service provided as of 9th of May, 2017 are beta service.
3. The service is provided on "BEST EFFORT" and does not guarantee the speed of transfer.
4. The location of the servers are in Luxembourg, and are managed under legality of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and European Union.

- This term of condition is issued on 9th, May, 2017.